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WireMock, Venture Funded Open Source API Mock Platform, Joins OpenAPI Initiative as New Member

The OpenAPI Initiative, the consortium of forward-looking industry experts focused on creating, evolving, and promoting the OpenAPI Specification (OAS), is announcing today that WireMock has joined as a new member. Welcome WireMock!

WireMock was created in 2011 and has been a popular open source tool for API mocking. Last year, project founders Tom Akehurst and Uri Maoz launched a company with the same name. They created a managed cloud service called WireMock Cloud, and in May 2023 announced a $6.5 million investment from Ridge Ventures, with participation from First Rays Venture Partners, Scribble Ventures and several unnamed investors.

Building a stable and predictable environment when creating APIs is crucial to the efficiency and success of developers. WireMock is a flexible and free open source platform that can be run as a standalone server, or in a hosted version via the WireMock Cloud managed service.

“We are thrilled to welcome WireMock as a member of the OpenAPI Initiative! Mocking APIs plays a crucial role in reducing development time and increasing productivity for developers. The open source community relies heavily on mocking tools in order to speed up development, better test for edge cases, and much more,” said Isabelle Mauny, OpenAPI Business Governing Board Chair. “It’s important for tools makers to implement the OpenAPI Specification and mocking APIs is one of the great benefits of using the OpenAPI Specification for your APIs.”

“OpenAPI is the key standard around which a rich ecosystem of tools and infrastructure is rapidly evolving. We believe that first-class OpenAPI support in WireMock will unlock a huge amount of productivity for both API developers and consumers,” said Tom Akerhust, the WireMock creator and the CTO of WireMock Inc.

“API-first development is at the core of both the WireMock open source project and WireMock Cloud, our developer productivity platform. Support for OpenAPI is central to our mission of enabling developers to simulate APIs across the entire application lifecycle”, said Oleg Nenashev, Community Builder and CNCF/CDF Ambassador, WireMock, “We believe that our vision and products are closely aligned with the OpenAPI Initiative. We’re pleased to join OAI as a member and work on expanding the OpenAPI ecosystem together”

Learn more in WireMock’s announcement blog post.

OpenAPI Resources

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About the OpenAPI Initiative

The OpenAPI Initiative (OAI) was created by a consortium of forward-looking industry experts who recognize the immense value of standardizing on how APIs are described. As an open governance structure under the Linux Foundation, the OAI is focused on creating, evolving and promoting a vendor neutral description format. The OpenAPI Specification was originally based on the Swagger Specification, donated by SmartBear Software. To get involved with the OpenAPI Initiative, please visit

About Linux Foundation

Founded in 2000, the Linux Foundation is supported by more than 1,000 members and is the world’s leading home for collaboration on open source software, open standards, open data, and open hardware. Linux Foundation projects like Linux, Kubernetes, Node.js and more are considered critical to the development of the world’s most important infrastructure. Its development methodology leverages established best practices and addresses the needs of contributors, users and solution providers to create sustainable models for open collaboration. For more information, please visit us at

About WireMock

WireMock is a popular open-source tool for API simulations (aka API mocking). It is used for integration testing of applications, especially via REST API. Started in 2011 as a Java library by Tom Akehurst, it now spans multiple programming languages and technology stacks. WireMock helps to create stable test and development environments, isolate code from flakey 3rd parties and simulate APIs that aren’t currently available. It can run as a test library, as a standalone server or via the WireMock Cloud service. With more than 300 contributors, 50+ integrations and 5+ million downloads a month, it is one of the most popular open source projects in its domain.

About WireMock, Inc. 

WireMock Inc. is building software to unlock developer productivity by enabling collaborative API design, mocking APIs and eliminating slowdowns caused by external dependencies. The company was started in 2022 by Tom Akehurst and Uri Maoz becoming its CEO and CTO. WireMock Cloud, the company’s flagship product, is built on top of the WireMock open source project stewarded by the company.

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