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Travel Expense Reimbursement Policy

Effective 28 June 2019


To administer a fund for members of the OpenAPI project to travel for purposes of furthering OpenAPI objectives and goals as defined by the Outreach Committee (in alignment with the Business Governance Board).

Travel costs are to be allocated and expended within established annual budgetary limitations and, as funds to support travel are limited, travelers are not to make commitments to travel or to incur travel expenses without first obtaining the appropriate approvals.

Restrictions, Criteria

OpenAPI is an open source project that depends upon membership support. Resources are significantly constrained. Therefore we request that before asking for reimbursement, you have checked if your organization can provide some or all of the funding for your travel.

Criteria for approval include:

  • Candidate may be a TSC member, an employee with an OpenAPI member, or a community contributor. Prioritization for funds will take into account TSC over non-TSC, and OAI member over non-OAI member, but gives flexibility based on OAI’s needs and available pool of resources.
  • Travel is connected with a defined business objectives related to core mission of OpenAPI.
  • Clear outcomes are defined for participation in the event.


Travel reimbursement costs must be requested at least one month before an event and approved one week before. Requests submitted once travel is complete will not be approved. Submit your request by email to .

  • Candidates should submit their request to the OpenAPI Outreach Chair and copy Linux Foundation Program Manager with at least 7 days advance notice so it can be discussed with the outreach group.
  • The OpenAPI Outreach Chair will bring the request to the outreach team through real time (e.g., Zoom, Google Hangouts) or asynchronous means (e.g., Email, Slack).
  • The request must get approval from at least two OpenAPI members on the Outreach team in addition to the Outreach Chair (and not including the Candidate).
  • No members object to the request.

If a member objects to the request then the committee must fall back on their decision making process (consensus and/or voting, to be defined separate from this policy).

The final decision must be run by the Linux Foundation Program Manager as a validation against budget requirements. If the budget can support the amount, then the request is granted. The request must be approved in an email from the Linux Foundation program manager cc’ing the Outreach group chair.

Considerations for approval of a request

Preference is given to events that have the biggest need or the biggest impact. For example, if OpenAPI needs a booth staffed at a conference, as an example of need. Keynote speaker or organizer of a track at a large event or targeting a specific market per OpenAPI strategy and goals, as examples of impact.

The larger the stipend the more critically the travel fund admins will consider the request and application.

Preference is given to underserved communities, either on receiving travel funds or travel funds used to serve these communities.


  1. Provide receipts as attachments in an email stating your name, the participation covered, and the total approved for reimbursement.
  2. Fill out and attach the Linux Foundation Expense Report.
  3. Sign the form, date the form, and return it as a PDF. Return by email to the Linux Foundation Program Manager.
  4. Expense reports must be submitted within 30 days of event date. Any reports submitted after 30 days may not be reimbursed.
  5. Disbursements are generally processed within 30 days.


Please note that unless the Linux Foundation is specifically hosting the event, we cannot help with visa letters. The Foundation is also not able to contact consulates.