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OpenAPI Welcomes New Member High School Technology Services

By February 11, 2021Announcement, Blog

The OpenAPI Initiative, the consortium of forward-looking industry experts focused on creating, evolving, and promoting the OpenAPI Specification (OAS), a vendor-neutral, open description format for RESTful APIs, is announcing today that High School Technology Services (HSTS) has joined as a new member.

Why did HSTS join the OpenAPI Initiative? From HSTS:

Matt Zand is the president of HSTS that provides high school students and adults with coding and technology training. He also is running 3 community Meetup groups (Coding and Technology Classes, JavaScript DC and Coding Bootcamps) with 4,400 members in Washington DC metro areas. Through our live events and training services, we teach students how to build and manage API applications such as RESTful APIs and along the way we promote best practices for API design, development and maintenance. 

HSTS also collaborates with its Coding Bootcamps to offer more self-paced training related to API tools and frameworks.  Likewise, HSTS has partnered with DC Web Makers in building and implementing API solutions especially related to blockchain applications. Specifically, majority of blockchain data are stored off-the-chain where a secure and scalable open API is used for connecting and exchange data from on-the-chain network to the off-the-chain database. In short, in production of a blockchain application, developers need to design and develop several APIs, most of which fall under OpenAPIs projects. 

Through training and hands-on implementations of APIs, HSTS is planning to work on API specifications to design, prototype, and document the API lifecycle.

One of key barriers for API adoption is the lack of proper training as many small companies lack skilled professionals in planning, designing and developing their API applications. Likewise, API economy needs skilled people from all parts of the organization to collaborate. We believe with the advent of emerging technologies like blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, the well-made standardized – truly Open APIs will play a vital role in the IT operation and management of companies. Indeed, the more companies pursue automation best practices, the more they value the importance of API. As such, to achieve this, companies need to provide their IT team with latest training on design and development methods, and standards intended for APIs. This is how great APIs are built! In our journey of providing community with API training and best practices, we write and publish many hands-on guides (articles and tutorials) on our sites. To learn more about our training services, visit

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To learn more about how to participate in the evolution of the OpenAPI Specification:

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