Open API Initiative to Present at the Open Source Summit Europe

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IBM and SmartBear, two founding members of the Open API Initiative will join SAP, one of our newest members, on stage at the Open Source Summit – Europe for a panel discussion: If APIs are like Snowflakes, How Do You Make them More “Standardized” – or Do You?

The OAI invites you to join this panel discussion to hear from industry leaders about the origins of the OpenAPI community, and the details of the new OAS v3.0.0 specification release, and the value of open community collaboration related to API development.

Register for the OSS Europe: OSS is a technical conference where 2,000+ developers, operators, and community leadership professionals convene to collaborate, share information and learn about the latest in open technologies, including Linux, containers, cloud computing and more. 

APIs form the connecting glue between modern applications and are used to connect third-party data services, public/private data sources, and other applications.

The Open API Initiative (OAI) came together over two years ago to seek to create, evolve, and promote an open description format for API services that is vendor-neutral, portable, and evolves under shared governance.

On August 7, the OAI announced the release of the OpenAPI Spec v3, completing a 7 month community effort. Born out of the world’s most popular framework for APIs, the prior version has over 18K daily downloads, over 3k know public GitHub repos, and 44 targets in codegen from over 250 contributors.


Meet the Panelists

Jeff Borek
WW Program Director, Open Technology & Developer Advocacy, Digital Business Group at IBM
Erin McKean
Developer Advocate at IBM
Ole Lensmar
Chief Architect at SmartBear Software | OAI Chair
Harsh Jegadeesan
Head of Product Management, Digital Transformation Services SAP Cloud Platform

The Open API Initiative Launches OpenAPI Spec Ambassador Program

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The Open API Initiative is pleased to announce the creation of the OAS Ambassador program.

Following the recent announcement on the release of the OpenAPI Spec V3 Implementer’s Draft, the OAI wants to help OAS Implementers, developers, product mangers, freelancers and OAI members and non-members alike to build and grow the OAS community.

If you are presenting a success story of the OpenAPI Spec we’d like to buy you some pizza – or similar refreshment of your choice. Contact us and share your story and the Open API Initiative will reimburse your meetup for up to $500 in food and beverage costs.

Contact the OAI for further details.