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One Last Call for Comments, so Finish Your Issue or PR

By June 18, 2017June 19th, 2017Blog

With this blog post, we open a two-week last call for comments period for the OpenAPI Specification v3.

As mentioned last month, the OpenAPI Specification v3 is now entering a last call for comments period. You can find the latest release candidate of the OpenAPI Specification v3 at:

At its meeting on Friday, 16 June, the Technical Developer Community (TDC) confirmed the below dates:

  • 4 weeks from 22 May through 16 June: to resolve remaining pull requests
  • 2 weeks from 19 June through 30 June: Comment period ← You are here
  • 2 weeks from 3 July through 14 July: to resolve remaining comments and issues
  • 1 week from 17 July through 21 July: release window (tentative)

Whether you haven’t looked at the spec since v2.0, or keep a well-worn copy of v3.0.0-rc1 next to your keyboard, this is the single best opportunity you will have to affect the spec draft before it is released.

Here are a few ways you can offer your feedback:

The OpenAPI Specification v3 is at a “release candidate” stage.  A few areas where comments would be particularly helpful are clarity of examples and descriptions of functionality.  Suggestions of new features or large changes to existing features are welcome, but in all likelihood will be considered only for a future release.

NOTE: Members of the TDC have expressed a preference for pull requests, since it makes the intention clearer, and since all changes must eventually pass through that stage. If you’re unable to submit a PR, an issue is the next best choice.

If you’re looking to generally learn more about the OpenAPI Spec v3, check-out:

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