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The Open API Initiative Is Sending You a Save the Date Card

By May 25, 2017June 9th, 2017Blog

We’re getting close to OpenAPI Spec v3.0.0 final. If you’ve been waiting to start kicking the tires on the OpenAPI Specification (OAS) v3.0.0 (f.k.a. Swagger), now is the time to be prototyping or coding. Mark your calendar for a two-week last comment period from Monday, 19 June to Friday, 30 June, and watch for a final release in July.

On March 1st, the Open API Initiative (OAI) announced the publication of the first OpenAPI Specification v3.0.0 Implementer’s Draft. This release was tagged 3.0.0-rc0, and we had a subsequent release tagged 3.0.0-rc1 near the end of April.

At its meeting on Friday, 19 May, the Technical Developer Community (TDC) agreed to target the below timeline for release:

  • 4 weeks from 22 May through 16 June: Resolve remaining pull requests
  • 2 weeks from 19 June through 30 June: Comment period
  • 2 weeks from 3 July through 14 July: Resolve remaining comments and issues
  • 1 week from 17 July through 21 July: TENTATIVE release window

In case you’re not getting push notifications to your mobile device for every change into the OpenAPI Spec repo, here are some useful links:

As mentioned above, if you’re not already doing so, now is a great time to review the latest OpenAPI Spec v3.0.0, consider how your systems and tools can take advantage of the new functionality, and consider if anything could be improved before v3.0.0 final release.

Lastly, if you’re writing any kind of tool that uses the 3.0 draft spec in any way, please let us know by completing this very short survey, because only through implementing code against the draft spec can we gain confidence in its readiness!

Tony Tam
VP of Swagger Products at SmartBear Software
Jeremy Whitlock
Software Engineer at Google
Ron Ratovsky
Swagger Developer Evangelist at SmartBear Software
Darrel Miller
Software Developer at Microsoft
Marsh Gardiner
Product Manager at Google
Jason Harmon
Head of APIs at Typeform