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Liferay Joins OpenAPI Initiative

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OpenAPI welcomes Liferay as our newest OpenAPI member!

Having a robust API infrastructure is critical to meeting diverse customer requirements for a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) product like Liferay DXP. DXP is an emerging category of enterprise software that provides an architecture for companies to digitize business operations, deliver connected customer experiences, and gather actionable customer insight.

For example, customers may wish to build a mobile app that leverages rich personalized content provided by Liferay DXP or bring product information from a product catalog into a store-front powered by Liferay Commerce. Because integrations frequently involve different teams and departments using different tools, standardizing on the OpenAPI Specification is key to accelerating development and minimizing potential hurdles in the development process. 

“Liferay is proud to join the OpenAPI Initiative,” said Michael Han, Chief Technology Officer at Liferay, Inc. “Open source and open ecosystems are a core part of who we are, and we appreciate the opportunity to work with the community to drive API standardization and adoption. Adopting the OpenAPI Specification also helps Liferay customers get to business value faster by allowing their developers to use an industry standard structure to access Liferay headless services.”

Liferay has placed special emphasis on delivering powerful APIs based on the OpenAPI specification as a way to better address their customers’ specific needs and be able to better provide tools to customers to build their own APIs. 

“We’re pleased to welcome Liferay to OpenAPI and to see expansion of an even broader range of enterprise applications,” said Marsh Gardiner, Product Manager, Google Cloud, and Technical Steering Committee member, OpenAPI Initiative. “It’s great to see companies that build their business around integration fully embrace the OpenAPI Specification.”

Liferay has recently completed the first phase of mapping all of their APIs to the OpenAPI Specification. 

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