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Checkly, API Monitoring and Automation, Joins OpenAPI Initiative

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Customer base already heavily utilizing OpenAPI Specification, Checkly “doubling down” on open source with increased contributions to projects like Headless Recorder and monitoring-as-code

SAN FRANCISCO – April 27, 2021 – The OpenAPI Initiative, the consortium of forward-looking industry experts focused on creating, evolving and promoting the OpenAPI Specification (OAS), a vendor-neutral, open description format for RESTful APIs, is announcing today that Checkly has joined as a new member. 

Checkly provides a monitoring and testing platform for developers and modern DevOps teams. The Berlin-based company’s cloud platform allows developers to monitor their API endpoints and web apps. Customers can configure fully-fledged HTTP requests with flexible assertions and setup/teardown scripts. To monitor web apps, Checkly runs JavaScript and open-source powered browser checks.The company has also developed the open source Headless Recorder for creating end-to-end testing scripts through a Chrome extension. As a critical initiative, Checkly’s focus is on monitoring-as-code enabled through its public API.

“We are very excited to join the OpenAPI Initiative. Our customers and we are benefitting from standardized APIs. OpenAPI enables our customers to get their API monitoring setup started easily and therefore provides immense benefits in flexibility and openness,” said Hannes Lenke, CEO at Checkly. “We see the opportunity to contribute to the initiative through our day-to-day experiences and want to connect with key players in the field to discuss ideas and network. In 2021 we want to double down on OSS and as part of the initiative joined OpenAPI as we see as a great and natural fit.”

“With the growth of DevOps and microservices, API usage has skyrocketed. Monitoring and testing is key in modern production environments, and OpenAPI documents can really help with the authoring process,” said Marsh Gardiner, Product Manager, Google, and Technical Steering Committee, OpenAPI Initiative. “We look forward to Checkly’s support of the OpenAPI Specification moving forward.”

Checkly raised a $2.25 million seed round led by Accel. Angel investors Instana CEO Mirko Novakovic, Zeit CEO Guillermo Rauch and former Twilio CTO Ott Kaukver, also participated in early funding. For more information, please visit To learn how to learn how to simplify API monitoring with OpenAPI specs and Checkly visit:

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