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This Year’s API Specification Conference (ASC 2021) by the Numbers

By December 16, 2021Blog

This year’s API Specifications Conference (ASC) organized by the OpenAPI initiative was held virtually from September 28 through 29, 2021. The conference continues to grow by leaps and bounds and is gaining the attention of people interested in API technology. It was a real thrill hearing from industry experts discussing topics such as OpenAPI Specifications, RAML, Blueprint, gRPC, OData, JSON, Schema, GraphQL, AsyncAPI and other formats. For example, the keynote presentation Leading API efforts at scale by Mandy Whaley & Yina Arenas, Microsoft, So you think you understand JSON Schema? By Ben Hutton, Postman/JSON Schema. Or AsyncAPI 2.0: Enabling the Event-Driven World by Someshekhar Banerjee, Ebay.The discussions helped attendees get acquainted with the different formats and also learn how to practically use them.

The full Linux Foundation report on ASC 2021, “Transparency Report: API Specifications Conference (ASC) 2021” is available now (PDF).

We had attendance from 319 people from 37 countries—with a majority of them attending up to 10 sessions. 

The survey conducted after the conference showed that 89% of the attendees rated the content delivered at the conference as “Great” or “Excellent.”

The charge for the entire conference was $39 and 10 community scholarships were given to active members of the open source community. OpenAPI donated $10 from each registration fee and a total of $2,500 was donated to Code2040 in support of their mission. Code2040 is growing racial equity lens in the tech industry through their Fellows Program with technology companies. The conference received a Gold badge with the highest rating from the CHAOSS D&I Event Badging Program, showing that we promote healthy D&I practices.

Online events have created an opportunity for us to reach new audiences and expand our reach. For those that missed the conference or would like to watch the event again, the keynote and session recordings are available on our YouTube Channel. Speaker presentations are also available for download under each talk here.


Download the full Linux Foundation report on ASC 2021, “Transparency Report: API Specifications Conference (ASC) 2021” (PDF).