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ASC why!

By September 30, 2019Blog

ASC why!

Do you know why you should come to the API Specifications Conference in Vancouver this October? It’s okay if you are not sure, just ASC!

Many of the challenges we face as developers are related to that interface between the API provider and the API consumer. Using some kind of contract has become the norm, but developing and managing those contracts presents its own unique set of problems and opportunities to explore.

ASC is dedicated to bringing the community together to present and discuss solutions focused on the entire lifecycle of the interface aspect of APIs. We chose the conference name explicitly to convey that this event is not focused exclusively on using OpenAPI descriptions.

The OpenAPI Initiative has never seen OpenAPI as a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why ASC welcomes participation and content from the communities working on AsyncAPI, gRPC, GraphQL, OData, JSON Schema etc. as well as HTTP APIs. So if you want to learn the broad range of possible solutions, which might be the best fit for the problems your organization faces, just ASC!

Don’t take our word for it? Read about OpenAPI and ASC from thought leaders in the API ecosystem.

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