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Introducing ASC, the API Specifications Conference

By May 8, 2019November 4th, 2020Blog

October 15-17th, 2019, Vancouver, Canada

Two years ago, the OpenAPI Initiative took over the reins of APIStrat, the API Strategy Conference that the 3Scale team ran the previous seven years. We hosted APIStrat in Portland in 2017 and Nashville the next year, and attendees of both events raved about what they learned, the conversations they had, and the connections they made in the delightfully friendly API community.

Over the years, APIStrat has delivered a huge amount of value to the API community. However, like all great APIs, conferences also need to evolve to ensure longevity. That’s why today we’re announcing ASC (the API Specifications Conference) — a new event that embodies our vision for that evolution.

There is a growing trend for technical conferences to focus more on specific technologies or techniques, giving conference attendees a wealth of content on their particular area of interest. In recent years, the focus of the API community has gravitated towards the tools and technologies defining, describing, and managing API boundaries. Many of the challenges we face are related to that interface between the API provider and the API consumer. Using some kind of contract has become the norm, but developing and managing those contracts presents its own unique set of problems and opportunities to explore.

ASC is dedicated to bringing the community together to present and discuss solutions focused on the entire lifecycle of the interface aspect of APIs. We chose the conference name explicitly to convey that this event is not focused exclusively on using OpenAPI descriptions.

The OpenAPI Initiative has never seen OpenAPI as a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why ASC welcomes participation and content from the communities working on AsyncAPI, gRPC, GraphQL, OData, etc. as well as HTTP APIs. This event is designed to allow attendees to share and understand the options that are most suited to the applications they are trying to build.

Be sure to save the date for ASC’19, hosted by the OpenAPI Initiative from October 15-17 in Vancouver, Canada. We hope to see you there!

To be entered in a random drawing to receive a free registration to ASC, please provide us with your email address to keep you apprised of the latest information about the conference. You must complete the form by May 24. Drawing will be held on May 28.