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The OpenAPI Initiative’s Technical Steering Committee Releases OASv3.0.2

By October 8, 2018October 9th, 2018Blog

The members of the OpenAPI Initiative Technical Steering Committee have announced the latest release of OpenAPI Specification 3.0.2. Note: This release is a patch release and none of these modifications change the behavior of the spec.

As a patch release, the latest changes were made to improve the specification in terms of readability and accuracy. Please read the release notes on on our GitHub repo here.

If you are interested in getting involved in the development of the spec, join us Thursday’s at 9a.m. Pacific for the public, open meetings of the Technical Steering Committee.

  • Added clarification to case sensitivity of keys in maps.
  • Reworked the Data Type table, removing the Common Name to reduce potential confusion.
  • Clarified the description of the Server Variable Object’s default field.
  • Fixed various examples.
  • Clarified operationId is case sensitive.
  • Clarified the default value of the Parameter Object’s deprecated field is false.
  • Added recommendation to not use the Parameter Object’s allowEmptyValue field as it will be removed in a future version.
  • Fixed the description of the Media Type Object’s schema field.
  • Clarified the description of the Responses Object’s response codes field description.
  • Clarified that the Schema Object’s additionalProperties field has a default value of true.
  • Fixed a small wording issue in the Discriminator Object description.
  • Fixed the Security Scheme Object description to include reference to the use of API Keys in cookies.
  • Fixed the description of the Security Requirement Object.