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The Top Reasons to Attend the API Conference of the Year

By September 14, 2018Blog

The API Strategy & Practice Conference, known as APIStrat, is a conference focused on the API economy, and brings together experts, leaders, and members of the community to discuss what we each see on the ground every day. Happening September 24 – 26 in Nashville, Tennessee this is a conference you don’t want to miss.

We wanted to bring you the top reasons why we think you should attend the event. AND if you register today (September 14), you will save an addition $200 off of the conference. Don’t wait!

Here are the top reasons you’ll want to be at this event:


  1. New Trends and Innovation in the API Space and Beyond: Along with learning the latest trends in the API space, you will also hear from speakers providing an expanded perspective of the technology world we live in today, including keynotes Virginia Eubanks, Associate Professor of Political Science at the University at Albany, SUNY discussing Automating Inequality: How High-Tech Tools Profile, Police and Punish the Poor and Kate O’Neill, author of Pixels and Place and lead at KO Insights, discussing Tech Humanism: Integration, Automation, and the Future of the Human Experience.
  2. Learn about best practices in the API space: The conference will uncover best practices when it comes to APIs as products, API portals, API design, and API usability. A few keynotes and talks include transforming the enterprise to an API platform; microservicing like a unicorn with Envoy, Istio and Kubernetes; and Evolving API: designing while requirements are still in flux. Come to the event and take away ideas that you can use right away!
  3. Nashville, Tennessee: The music city of America has a lot of amazing things to do, see, and eat! There’s the classics like the Grand Ole Opry, Country Music Hall of Fame and The Station Inn for bluegrass music. Of course, there’s also plenty of fun walking tours if you are into food, drink, music, history and ghosts (every town has to have one)! Nashville is definitely a city on most folks bucket list, so get it checked off and attend an awesome conference too. And maybe you’ll even discover a rising star if you hit The Listening Room Cafe.
  4. Hands-on workshops: If you are the type of person who learns by doing, there are a lot of amazing hands-on workshops that you can join from practical SecDevOps for APIs to turning external services into internal APIs. Whether you are an experienced API practitioner or just getting started, there’s a workshop for you.
  5. Social Activities and Networking: One of the top choices to attend this event or any Linux Foundation event are the social activities that are provided to you, like our fun run (you can walk or jog too). Plus, this is a great place to network with your peers, many rate the hallway tracks at APIStrat as one of the top reasons to attend year after year.
  6. Diversity and Inclusion: We want to make sure everyone feels welcome and safe at our conferences. We offer special items like a quiet room if you need a physical space where conversation and interaction is not allowed, a nursing room and child care as well as special communication stickers, and other features to make this event as accessible as possible.
  7. OAS workshop: Among the awesome workshops that we have, we are also hosting a pair of unique OAS workshops. The beginner workshop is a hands-on introduction to the OpenAPI Specification 3.0. Directly following the intro session will be the OAS advanced users’ workshop and will conclude with what features are on the horizon. Attendees of these workshops will leave with a working knowledge of OASv3 which has become the defacto standard for describing APIs.

See the full lineup of speakers here and the register here.