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Delivering Developer Tools at Scale: Microsoft Azure & Oracle Cloud Perspectives

By September 12, 2018Blog

With APIStrat coming up in just under two weeks, I have been focusing on how the power of open source technologies can bridge disparate programming languages, and how the emergence – actual dominance – of the cloud has made it a requirement.

Are the problems my team faces common to anyone delivering developer tools for a cloud platform?

Many months ago, as I chatted with my ex-collegue David Justice, who has much the same responsibilities as myself (but for Microsoft Azure rather than Oracle Cloud), I realized that the problems my team faces at Oracle Cloud are common to anyone delivering developer tools for a cloud platform. My chat with David turned into a complex discussion of not just what our shared problems were — delivering developer tool support for constantly innovating cloud platforms in an ever-more-fragmented developer landscape — but also what our solutions to these problems were. Some commonalities in our solutions emerged, as well as some differences — with pros and cons to each of our approaches. We decided this discussion was a pretty informative one, and thought it might be useful to a wider audience. And so our APIStrat talk was born! — ‘Delivering Developer Tools at Scale: Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Perspectives’!

Deliver high-quality SDKs and documentation in real-time

In our talk at APIStrat, myself and David will discuss how to leverage the OpenAPI Specification and tooling, as well as the OSS community, to create huge productivity gains — whether you’re delivering a cloud, an app, or anything in between. We live in a cloud-paced world in which developers use a plethora of programming languages, frameworks, and DevOps tools. Like other applications, the cloud is powered by many ever-advancing REST APIs. Providing idiomatic experiences for developers in their languages of choice at the pace of service innovation is impossible without automation.

Have I caught your attention? If so, come learn how the Developer Experience teams at Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure deliver high-quality SDKs and documentation in real-time for Java, .NET, Python, Go, JavaScript, and Ruby, without breaking a sweat, at APIStrat. Looking forward to seeing you there!

This post was written by Joe Levy of Oracle Cloud

Joe Levy
Sr. Software Development Manager, Oracle
Joe Levy owns Developer Experience for Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure Services team, and previously worked on Microsoft Azure's Automation service. He has expertise in a variety of programming languages, both client and server-side, as well as in reverse engineering and computer security. He is a graduate of Duke University, with a degree in Computer Science. When not in front of a computer, he likes to do pub trivia, wipe out going off jumps on his skis, and compete in hackathons.
David Justice
Principal Software Engineer, Microsoft
David Justice is a Principal Software Engineer in Microsoft's Azure open source developer experience group. He leads code & documentation generation at scale using OpenAPI for Azure. David has lead the transformation of Microsoft's APIs from proprietary descriptions to public, open source OpenAPI specifications. Prior to his time at Microsoft, David was also an experienced startup founder of cisimple, a cloud based CI/CD for iOS and Android. In his spare time, you will likely find him working on Golang libraries on GitHub via