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Only One Week Left To Submit Your Talk For APIStrat In Nashville

By June 1, 2018Blog

We are fast approaching the CFP deadline for APIStrat in Nashville, TN. The CFP form will close next Friday, June 8, 2018 at 11:59 PM PST, leaving a little over a week to share you story with the program committee for possible inclusion in the lineup.

APIStrat 2018 is the 9th edition of the conference, and the 2nd one being hosted by the OpenAPI Initiative. Helping ensure the conference continues to be the place where you discuss the common practices, as well as ground breaking trends that occur across the API community.

How to Submit

To submit your talk, we are just asking you begin by answering three questions:

1. How will the audience benefit from your presentation?
2. Why should YOU be the one to give this talk? You have a unique story. Tell it.
3. Be prepared to explain how this fits into the API ecosystem.

After that we are looking for topics that fall into some of the common areas of discussion occurring within the API community:

  • API Design – The design of APIs following REST, Hypermedia, or any other common pattern.
  • API For the Greater Good – Helping ensure that APIs are making a positive impact on the world.
  • API Management – All about API portals, documentation, authentication, logging, rate limiting, and other management needs.
  • API SDKs & Clients – Looking at the common practices involved with providing SDKs and clients in a variety of languages and platforms.
  • API Security – Considering security practices for APIs going well beyond just API authentication and management.
  • API Success Stories -Looking to share some of the success stories from within companies, organizations, institutions, and government agencies.
  • API Transformations – Considering how APIs are being transformed, evolved, mapped, and turned into exactly what they need to get the job done.
  • API Testing – Taking a look at the monitoring, testing, performance, and other aspects of ensuring APis are doing what they should be.
  • API Usability – Thinking about how to make APIs more usable and friendlier to developers, consumers, and stakeholders involved in the API lifecycle.
  • At The Protocol Level – Diving into the technical details of HTTP, HTTP/2, TCP, and other protocols in use to deliver APIs in the real world.
  • Digital Transformation – Looking at the organizational and cultural side of how we transform our organizations to operate more efficiently in the digital age.
  • GraphQL – Taking a look at one of the latest trends in API deployment that focuses on the more data-centric delivery of API resources.
  • Hypermedia – Learning about how APIs are just the next evolution in the web, and deliver on many of the affordances we take for granted with the web.
  • Machine Learning – Understanding the intersection of using APIs to deliver machine learning, artificial intelligence, and forms of magic emerging on the horizon.
  • Microservices – Looking at how APIs are being delivered based upon specific domains of knowledge, ensuring that they do one thing, and they do it very well.
  • REST – Continuing the discussion around how REST can be used to deliver simple, usable API resources that leverage the web as a transport.
  • RPC Systems – Acknowledging that there are many different design patterns in play in the real word, and discussing the pros and cons of RPC implementations.
  • Standards & Definitions – Taking a look at the standards and common definitions that are being put to work across different industries, and organizations of all shapes and sizes.

That should provide you with a pretty nice menu of options when it comes to crafting your talk submissions. However, don’t let these topics railroad you. Feel free to think out of the box when crafting your talk. Each year we add new topics to this list, and maybe your talk will be the one that pushes this years list forward. Make sure whatever you decide to talk about that you are thinking outside your world, and make it something that the community will learn from, and be something they can take home with them after the event. While the subject matter, and speaker is important, ensuring that conference attendees go home with new ideas in their heads it what matters the most–make it count.

We Want to Hear From You

Ok, you have until next Friday, June 8, 2018 at 11:59 PM PST to submit your talk. Get to work! We know you have some amazing ideas to share with the APIStrat community. If you’ve missed earlier events, Nashville will be the place where you can make your mark. Head over to the APIStrat CFP form, and bookmark it for when you are ready.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out–we are happy to answer any questions about what we are looking for, and share stories about previous events if you haven’t attended before. And, we look forward to seeing y’all in Nashville this September!!