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Stoplight ❤️ the OpenAPI Initiative

By May 14, 2018Blog

The OpenAPI Initiative is proud announce our partnership with Stoplight as a part of the latest class of new members.

In 2015, Stoplight took notice of the gathering community and the potential for the OpenAPI Specification (OAS) as the industry standard, and started building its platform around the specification as the single source of truth for describing APIs.  Stoplight has come a long way since then, and OAS continues to be impress under the stewardship of OAI. Stoplight looks forward to the future of OAS as the standard for describing APIs, and the exciting opportunities it fosters.

At Stoplight, everything begins with your specification. Once you have created an OpenAPI specification in Stoplight, you can leverage the spec to drive your entire API development process. Rapidly create contract tests, set up mock servers, publish API documentation with a click, and much more.

OAS in the Wild

Stoplight is taking its show on the road and are traveling around the US to talk about the OAS. You’ll find them at several conferences over the next few months. Come say hello and enjoy a talk given by their esteemed community engineer, Taylor Barnett.

Upcoming Talks

Upcoming Conferences