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Assertible Joins the OpenAPI Initiative

By May 9, 2018Blog

We’re proud to announce that Assertible – API and website performance testing and uptime monitoring company – as the latest member to join to OpenAPI Initiative.

Assertible enables businesses of all shapes and sizes to confidently monitor the quality and stability of their APIs, allowing for faster iteration and development cycles without compromising correctness in the applications. Utilizing the OpenAPI Spec has proven to be a big advantage for teams by providing a way to communicate the intent, functionality, and purpose of their APIs from documentation, to development, and testing.

“Today, I’m proud to announce that Assertible is the latest member to join to OpenAPI Initiative. We’re thrilled to be a part of the initiative and join the ranks of great teams working to pave the way for the future of the internet,” Assertible’s CTO Cody Reichert says. “As developers, testers, and business-minded people ourselves, we plan on sharing our insight and experience with the OpenAPI Initiative team, and importantly, representing a segment of the market that is often overlooked: testing and quality assurance.”

After working with hundreds of teams and thousands of developers, it became apparent to the Assertible team that adopting OpenAPI is advantageous for multiple reasons. By joining the OpenAPI Initiative, they hope to both give back to the API community as well as learn about more use-cases creating a higher quality web for the future to enjoy.

“At Assertible, we view the OpenAPI Initiative as a critical component in creating and sustaining a coherent ecosystem that will allow developers, businesses, and the general population to benefit, advance, and utilize the backbone of the web: APIs. Not only does the OAI provide a foundation for rapidly creating and integrating otherwise disparate services, it also advances the entire community, from creators to consumers, by providing a unified starting point for discussion and future development, which has proven worthwhile and unfettered by rapid changes in technologies. We’re excited to be a part of pushing the industry forward. Reichert says.

Assertible and OpenAPI

Assertible is pleased to announce it has added support for OpenAPI v3 and has been working with the OAS and its predecessor the Swagger Spec since the company’s inception in 2015. Currently, it’s possible to create a fully automated test suite from a simple, or complex, specification.

We plan on continuing to extend our support to include support for features – like JSON Schema, examples, and more – to pave the way for 100% automated test coverage using OpenAPI. If you have any thoughts or requests for extending OAS support in Assertible, we’d love to hear them.

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