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aapi, API Management Provider, Joins the Open API Initiative

By November 30, 2017Blog

API management provider aapi joins as the 30th member of the Open API Initiative to coincide with the debut of their API portal announced on Nov. 28.

“APIs are reforming the digital landscape and OAI is enabling this transformation through the standardization of API language,” aapi CTO Timothy Arvanites said. Easing the connectivity of systems, the OpenAPI Specification is the foundation for the interoperability and simplicity of the aapi platform. We are proud supporters of open source, the Linux Foundation, and especially OAI and look to a world where APIs are made easy.”

aapi hosts an open library of over 3000 OpenAPI/Swagger files and its platform is designed to streamline API development and management processes by reducing costs, complexity and API learning curves. aapi was founded by Craig Lund, Timothy Arvanites, and Robert Phillips. Lund serves as chairman and CEO, while Arvanites is the Chief Technology Officer.