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Open API Initiative Welcomes API Testing and Monitoring Company API Fortress as its Newest Member

By November 7, 2017Blog

The Open API Initiative is pleased to welcome API Fortress, an automated API testing and monitoring platform, as the latest company to join the OAI.

“A major part of validating API quality is testing,” Patrick Poulin, API Fortress CEO and cofounder shares, “and that step can be almost entirely automated with a strong spec file format. We are excited to contribute directly to the OpenAPI Spec and continue to advance the API-driven economy.”

API Fortress, founded in 2014, is focused on make API testing and monitoring easier. Achieving that without diminishing the level of detail is tricky, but there is a silver bullet – automation. Using an OAS file, the platform can diminish the level of effort in building a detailed test by 90%. By joining the board, we hope to be part of the process in getting that to 99% for every platform.

“Thankfully, rigorous unit testing is now an active part of development. However, functional integration testing of APIs is often procrastinated,” says CTO Simone Pezzano. “It is always on the plan for next quarter, because the level of effort to achieve complete coverage is overwhelming. That is what we have been specifically working to solve, and spec formats like the OAS are how we’ve been able to get so close to full automation.”

Patrick Poulin
Open API BGB Rep
Patrick grew up doing construction, which was the family business. Throughout that time he found himself preferring constructing digital homes over real ones. He eventually started his tech career building the first mobile websites for Fortune 500 companies such as Target and Macy's, and is now focused on making companies take API testing as seriously as they take website and application testing.