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eBay Joins the Open API Initiative

By August 17, 2017Blog

The partnership makes it easier for eBay developers to integrate with our RESTful public APIs and evolve their buying and selling experiences on our platforms.

For more than 20 years, eBay has been a leading marketplace, connecting shoppers to their perfect item from more than 1.1 billion listings on our platform and providing opportunities for sellers to grow their businesses. Today, I’m proud to announce our membership in the Open API Initiative (OAI). This partnership will focus on the OpenAPI Specification, making it easier and faster for eBay developers to integrate with eBay’s RESTful public APIs as we evolve the buying and selling experience on eBay. This opportunity leverages technology to make it easier for our developer ecosystem to create new eBay experiences.

The OAI is an open source project under the Linux Foundation. These software projects are independently funded and are geared toward harnessing the power of collaborative development across industries and ecosystems. OAI is the most popular open source framework for defining and creating RESTful APIs, with tens of thousands of developers using the tools.

As a member of OAI, we are continuing to tap into our developer ecosystem and grow eBay’s APIs, by expanding our developer community and encouraging building to creating a more integrated platform and shopping and selling seamless experiences on eBay. Earlier this year, we we kicked off eBay Connect with seven developer events across the world to give external developers insights into our platform and encourage their innovation. And last year, eBay Developers Program revamped our API platform with 13 new standards-based APIs.

This partnership and our new APIs make it simpler for our developers and sellers to quickly integrate with eBay and onboard all their inventory—part of our promise to deliver the most powerful commerce platform to our seller and developer partners so they can build sophisticated integrations to manage all end-to-end selling operations on eBay and easily scale their business.

Gail Frederick
eBay representative on the Business Governing Board
Gail Frederick is Senior Director of Developer Ecosystem and Services at eBay, where she strives to disrupt commerce with innovative ideas to create more powerful buying and selling experiences on eBay.