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Denver-Based Cloud Elements Latest Member to Join Open API Initiative

By November 18, 2016Blog

The Open API Initiative is pleased to welcome Cloud Elements, a unified platform for API integration and management out of Denver Colorado as the latest company to join the OAI. Here is what our newest members had to say about the benefits of joining the OAI and why they contribute to the OpenAPI Specification.

Mark Greene, CEO of Cloud Elements

Mark Greene, CEO of Cloud Elements

Mark Geene, CEO and co-founder shares “We are thrilled to be the newest members of OAI, to join in the forces to create, evolve and promote the vendor neutral API spec. Since our early days, Cloud Elements has recognized the importance of open, machine-readable API docs and have always been committed to Swagger.”

The Cloud Elements Summer Hike Days at Matthew Winters near Red Rocks.

The Cloud Elements Summer Hike Days at Matthew Winters near Red Rocks.

Joining OAI is an integral decision to our product development strategy here at Cloud Elements, which we believe will further enhance the simplicity of our API Integration platform, and continue to reduce the burden on our customers to combine Cloud Elements with other API Management Platforms and API Gateways. Ultimately we believe that the Open API Initiative not only saves a significant amount of time for our own developers, but our customers’ developers, as well.

Building APIs to a specification is a major key to success. Rocky Madden, our Senior Platform Engineer, chimes in, “Not only has the Open API Initiative taken on the Swagger Specification, but it is stepping up it’s game with v3.0, improving how APIs can be discovered and understood by humans and machines alike. Interoperability is what OAI Is all about. It’s extremely powerful when tools and services are able to be built around the same common spec, allowing us to create robust integrations, improve how we interop with other APIs, reduce time to delivery, and so on.”

Rocky Madden, Senior Software and DevOps Engineer, Cloud Elements

Rocky Madden,
Senior Software and DevOps Engineer, Cloud Elements

Madden continues, “For us specifically, the OpenAPI  Specification has improved our own platform and helps us quickly add new Elements (endpoints) to our integration catalog. The standardization has also made it possible for us to tap into other cloud services that are also built on OAI. Our partnerships with companies like Amazon AWS will allow developers to create REST APIs which can be published into such marketplaces easily, made possible, in part, by collaborating with the Open API Initiative.”

There are a lot of companies, including ourselves, joining the movement to support the Open API Initiative. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of OAI and continue to create and evolve the API Description format.