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OpenAPI Spec at Google – OAI Meetup 2016-09-15

By September 19, 2016November 4th, 2020Blog

Before the precursor to the OpenAPI Spec – the Swagger Specification – was created in 2010, Google had already published 150 public APIs, leveraged by hundreds of thousands of developers and handled many, many billions of calls … every day.

At the Sept. 2016 OAI Meetup, Dan Ciruli discusses why in a product post mortem the API team was lead to an open source solutions and eventually join the Open API Initiative.

After getting the details on why they joined, hear what they are doing with it. On Sept. 1, Google announced the open beta release of the newest set of features and open source components in Google Cloud Endpoints. Find out why Google is committed to leveraging the OpenAPI Specification and what they are cooking up next.

Slides from Dan’s presentating can be found here:

Dan CiruliAbout The Author
Dan Ciruli
Dan Ciruli is a product manager at Google who works on API infrastructure. He used to play a lot of ultimate when he had knees and write a lot of software when he had time. He’ll try to speak Spanish to you if you give him a chance. You can find him on Twitter at @danciruli.