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Gluecon Pass Giveaway!

By May 18, 2016November 4th, 2020Blog

Gluecon is just around the corner, and the Open API Initiative is giving a way a free pass. To qualify:

  1. Find any open source project that refers to Swagger Specification* instead of OpenAPI, whether as in documentation or in the codebase itself.
  2. Update those references to reflect the new name OpenAPI (See this example here)
  3. If you are already a collaborator, push your changes. If you’ve forked the project, submit a pull request with your changes.
  4. Tweet a link to your work (commit or PR) to @OpenApiSpec along with your GitHub ID

The OAI Gluecon team will select one winner! Getting to Gluecon has never been easier.

*NOTE: This only applies to the specification that refers to Swagger Specification. For a history on the name change click here.

Details: The giveaway is only for an entry pass to Gluecon, attendees are responsible for travel and accomodations.


Marsh GardinerAbout The Author

Marsh Gardiner
At least two of the following three statements are true about Marsh: No one loves APIs more. He is a developer trapped in the body of a product guy. He hates writing bios.

In the semi-random walk of Marsh’s career, he has produced videogames for EA and Fox, created interactive learning environments, launched an educational non-profit organization, and fought bravely in the API wars of 2009-2018. At Apigee, he imagines a better future for apps and APIs.