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OAI Additional Leadership Job Posting

By July 21, 2021Announcement, Blog

The OpenAPI Initiative (OAI) is looking for three individuals to fill three separate year-long contracts to help lead the conversation around the leading API specification. We are looking for three self-starting individuals who are familiar with the OpenAPI Specification (OAS), and will help roll up their sleeves and help move a handful of projects forward.

The OpenAPI Specification (OAS) has emerged as the leading way to describe the surface area of your APIs in the last five years, and the need for help to support the community has grown dramatically. As part of this growth we’ve identified a few priority projects we are managing using Github Projects, and would love to get you involved!


Here is a list of the current projects OAI members and community have prioritized, which we have also tagged by the type of work involved, shared a brief description of what is involved, and provided a link to the Kanban board for each project.

  • OpenAPI Search Engine Optimization (Marketing) – Ongoing work to help improve the search engine optimization for the OAI and OAS, helping elevate the presence of the specification.
  • New Member Identification & Engagement (Marketing, Community, Business Development) – Work to identify potential new members to the OAI and reach out to them to help start a conversation and make them aware of the benefits of being a member.
  • Member Showcase & Engagement (Marketing, Community, Business Development) – Continually improving how we showcase and engage with the members of the OAI, and increase their participation within the OAS community.
  • Profile & Engage with API Providers (Community, Business Development) – Work to identify, profile, and build relationships with API providers who have implemented the OpenAPI specification, and publish profile to a central database.
  • Profile and Engage with Open Source Tooling (Marketing, Community, Business Development) – Establish an official directory of open source tooling that uses OAS, and actively work to establish and build relationships with each tooling provider to get them more involved in the community.
  • Curate and Publish API Articles, Podcasts, Videos (Marketing) – Work to discover, curate, and then showcase and syndicate the existing articles, podcasts, and videos that exist about OpenAPI.
  • Business Sector Showcase & Engagement (Business Development) – Work to profile business sectors that are putting OpenAPI to work, then engage, and build relationships with individuals or organizations, while helping stimulate OAI special interest groups in these areas.

All of these positions require leadership qualities to help define, prioritize, and execute on plans, and to engage with the OpenAPI community to increase participation, member value, and drive overall community energy.pods

Contract Details

These are the details of the work, with more details available upon request:

  • 3 Individual Part-Time Contractors
  • One Year Contract from September 15th 2021 through Sept 15th, 2022)
  • Open to Global & Remote Contract Works
  • Fixed Price Contracts ($2,500.00 Monthly / $30,000.00 Annual)
  • Monthly Report Demonstrating the Value of Work


These are the basic requirements for being considered for the contract positions:

  • OpenAPI Awareness
  • Project Management Skills
  • Writing and Editing Skills
  • Enjoys Working with People
  • Embraces values of collaboration, inclusion, and diversity

Contract Pitch

When applying for one of the contracts, please pitch us on which project or projects your skills are a match for accomplishing, and demonstrate why you would be our choice to help not just make a project happen, but help us lead where the project goes next.

How to Apply

Please email your cover letter, resume, and any questions to by August 15th, 2021 to be considered for the positions by the OAI hiring committee, with a start date of September 15th, 2021.

Get Involved

Even if you aren’t interested in submitting for any of these job postings we encourage you to get involved in the community and help out on any of these projects. In addition to participating as part of the weekly technical and marketing meetings, the OAI is looking for help across these projects, writing blog posts, and creation of educational materials, so please feel free to reach out via social channels or email to get involved.